Virtual Visit Specialty Clinics

Virtual Visit Specialty Clinics

Scheduled video visits with your child’s specialist

A virtual visit, also called telehealth visits, is a secure, online video visit that allows patients and families to connect with their care team through a live, secure, interactive video from the comfort of their home or other convenient location. Using a smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop computer, patients and families can see their care team without having to make a trip to the hospital or clinic.

We currently do not offer online scheduling for specialty care video visits. To request an online video visit appointment with your child’s specialist, call your child’s care provider to schedule the appointment. Your child’s provider will work with you to determine what visits can safely and effectively be done by video.

Virtual Specialty Clinic Directory

For minor illnesses and injuries, Children’s Health Virtual Visit Urgent Care is available 24/7.

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How do scheduled specialty video visits work?

If you have an existing Children’s Health MyChart account, you can access your specialty care video visit directly from MyChart, so you do not have to switch back and forth between applications.

You do not need a MyChart account to access your specialty care video visit. You will receive an email or text message with instructions before your scheduled video visit.

We encourage you to sign up for a MyChart account to view special instructions for your appointment, sign consent forms online, review lab results, receive your after-visit summary, and connect with your care team.

  • Specialty Care Video Visits for Children’s Health MyChart users

    The Day Before Your Visit

    You will be required to complete PreCheck-In tasks for your video visit through MyChart. PreCheck-In allows you to verify or update insurance and personal contact information, review health history, pay visit copays, and electronically sign documents including the Telemed Consent form. PreCheck-In can be completed up to 24 hours ahead of your scheduled video visit. You will not be able to begin your video visit until all PreCheck-In tasks have been completed and submitted.

    Follow the steps below to PreCheck-in for your video visit.

    • Log in to your MyChart account 24 hours before the scheduled video visit time.
    • Select the patient who will be seen during the video visit.
    • Click Visits to view the upcoming video visit.
    • Once you see your upcoming video visit, select “eCheck-in” to complete your PreCheck-In tasks.
    • During PreCheck-In, you will need to virtually sign the Telemed Outpatient Consent Form
    • Complete all PreCheck-In tasks and click “Submit”. You will receive a message that your PreCheck-In is complete.
    • When PreCheck-In is completed more than 30 minutes before the start time of the video visit, the “Begin visit” button will be grayed out and not available for patients to click.
    • Once you are within 30 minutes of your appointment start time, the “Begin visit” will become available and the button will change from gray to green.

    On the Day of Your Visit

    We recommend logging into your MyChart account at least 20 minutes prior to your video visit. The “Begin visit” button will only be available if you are within 30 minutes of your appointment time and all PreCheck-In tasks have been completed and submitted.

    Follow the steps below to start your video visit.

    • Twenty minutes prior to your visit, find a spot in your house that is quiet, well lit and has a strong internet connection or data signal.
    •  Log in to your MyChart account and select the patient who is having the video visit.
    • Click “Visits” to view the upcoming video visit.
    • Once you see your upcoming video visit and eCheck-In is complete, you will see a green video camera icon beside your scheduled video visit. Select the green camera icon. Note: It will not display until 30 minutes before your appointment.
    • At the bottom of the appointment details page, select “Begin visit” button to connect to your video visit
    • Your video visit will launch in a new web browser window on your mobile device or computer. 
    • If you receive a “Popup blocked” message, select “Launch” to bypass the action being blocked so you can continue with your video visit.
    • Select “Continue” when asked if you wish to open the video visit link outside MyChart.
    • Click “Allow” to enable your browser access to your Microphone and Camera.
    • A Test Call will run in the background to ensure your microphone, camera and hardware are working.
    • Enter a callback number so your provider can call you back if needed.
    • Select “Continue” to enter a virtual visit waiting room until your provider arrives. Please stay on this screen while you wait for your provider to join.
    • If your provider is already waiting for you to join the video visit, click the “Join Call” button 
    • If you hit “Leave the Meeting” by mistake, navigate back to the MyChart mobile app and select “Begin Visit” to access the video visit.
    • After your visit, you’ll receive your follow-up instructions and medication refills online. You can even securely message your provider follow-up questions.
  • Specialty Care Video Visits for Non-MyChart Users

    Your provider’s office will send you an email or text message with a link to your video visit at or around the time of your appointment. If you are joining the video visit via email, the invitation for the virtual visit will come from If you do not see it in your email inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

    On the Day of Your Visit

    If you are starting your video visit via text message:

    • Click the link in the text message.
    • If you do not have the Children’s Health Virtual Visit mobile app downloaded, click “Join Now (no download)” and a web browser window will open.
    • If you have the Children’s Health Virtual Visit mobile app already downloaded on your mobile device, select “Join with the App” and you will be redirected to the Virtual Visit mobile app.

    If you are starting your video visit via email:

    • Open the virtual visit email that says “You are invited to a secure video visit from Children’s Health” and click “Join here” at the bottom of the email
    • In the "Full Name" field, enter the patient’s name.
    • Before you join the virtual visit, you can conduct a "Tech Check" to ensure your camera, microphone and connection are ready for your visit by clicking “Test My Connection.”
    • You may be prompted to enable your browser access to your microphone and camera. Please click “Allow”.
    • Select “Join Video Call Now” and you will automatically be connected to the video call. If your provider has not arrived for the visit, please wait a few minutes.
  • Technical questions

    We encourage you to test your computer, tablet or mobile device ahead of your video visit to ensure your camera and microphone are functioning properly.

    • The easiest way to test your device is to conduct a Tech Check
    • If you experience any technical issues with your video visit, you can call the Virtual Visit Help Desk at 214-867-1220.
    • If you have trouble logging into your MyChart account, please contact the Health Information Management MyChart Support Desk at 214-456-2503.