Pediatric Emergency Room (ER)

High Volume Alert

We’re currently experiencing an increase in ER wait times. Know when emergency care is needed, other care options and ways to keep your family healthy.

Pediatric Emergency Room (ER)

Expert emergency care for kids in Dallas and Plano 

When seconds count, you can count on Children’s Health. Our emergency rooms are staffed around the clock by board-certified pediatric emergency medicine specialists, nurses, respiratory therapists and support staff. Experts in many other specialties are on call and available as needed.

Our emergency rooms focus on the treatment of children, and our team is specifically trained in pediatrics - giving us an expert understanding of the health and needs of children like yours.

With pediatric emergency rooms in Dallas and Plano, we are nearby and ready to help.

Children's Health Emergency Department ER Map Dallas

Our convenient circle entrance off Southwestern Medical Avenue is now open.

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Learn about our history and see what’s new in our Dallas ER.

The new ER at Children's Medical Center Dallas

We have upgraded our ER in Dallas via a multiyear reconstruction to transform the ER experience for our patients and families.

When you come to the ER, please use the dedicated patient family entrance on Southwestern Medical Avenue. You can drop off in the circle drive and park in the Emergency and Bright Building Parking Garage across the street.

Level 1 Trauma Center at Children's Medical Center Dallas: Why it matters

As a Level I Trauma Center, Children’s Medical Center Dallas has the experts and tools to treat the most severe and life-threatening injuries. This includes:

  • Pediatric surgeons available at all times
  • Doctors who specialize in everything from brain injuries to broken bones and vision problems
  • UT Southwestern faculty to research new innovations in trauma care

To learn more about our Level 1 Trauma Center, read how our team of pediatric experts helped our patient Hanna recover from a scary accident.

Children's Medical Center Plano Emergency Room

Families in North Dallas and beyond can access the emergency room at Children’s Medical Center Plano 24 hours a day. We offer a wide range of specialties, including orthopedics and asthma. And we are designated by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Magnet facility, meaning our nurses rank among the top 8% in the country.

The emergency room at Children’s Medical Center Plano has a pediatric emergency medicine physician on staff at all times. We also offer key tests such as ultrasounds, CT scans and X-rays, whenever our emergency patients need them.

Transport Team for child emergencies

If your child is at the Plano ER but needs more specialized care, our Transport Team can quickly move them to our Level I Trauma Center in Dallas.

When should you take your child to the emergency room?

You should take your child to a pediatric emergency room if:

  • Symptoms come on suddenly and fast
  • When an extreme event happens, such as losing consciousness, having trouble breathing, or being injured in a fall or accident.

 Learn more about when to take your child to the emergency room. 

Can a minor go to the ER without a parent?

Federal law requires children’s hospital emergency rooms to treat all children who go or are taken to the ER, whether they’re with a parent or not. For treatments that aren’t necessary right away, we will get consent from a parent or guardian. Learn more about visiting Children's Health.