Price Transparency

To the best of our knowledge, Children's Health℠ has included all applicable standard charge information in accordance with the requirements of 45 C.F. R. §180.50  and the information in this machine-readable file is true, accurate and complete as of the date indicated in the standard charge file.

Standard Charge Files (As of 1/1/24)

Cost Estimator Tool

The Cost Estimator tool (MyChart - Patient Estimates) helps patients and families generate an estimate of the cost of a particular medical service based on your insurance coverage.


  • Why are there different standard charge files?

    Each Children’s Health facility, Dallas and Plano, has a file that includes a list of charges for all the items and services provided in the outpatient setting, and a second file that includes a list of all the items and services provided as part of the APR-DRG charge in the inpatient setting.

  • Why are some of the costs noted as “N/A” in the charge files?

    In the charge files, a field noted as N/A, or not applicable, highlights that the item or service does not currently have an established charge at that location or is not provided in that setting (inpatient or outpatient).